Velkommen til Axept - uddannelse og udvikling
Velkommen til Axept - uddannelse og udvikling
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Values Cards,  set w. 35 pcs - NEW

Values Cards, set w. 35 pcs - NEW

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The word "value" derives from the Latin valere, which means “be strong” or “be of value”.

Values can be useful as guidance when you, as a consultant, coach, manager and communicator, assist in clarification and selection.

The value cards can be used to clarify personal and work values both individually, in groups, teams and organisations. A great tool for working with values. 

Included: 35 cards + 1 small zipper bag
Card size: 9 x 5.5 cm
Details: Numbered + alphabetical order

Inspiration for use:
1. Choose 5 values that you consider to be important.
2. Rank the 5 values from most to least important.
3. Find specific examples of how the 2 most important values can be put into practice in        everyday life.

The purpose is to get the values implemented in everyday life, and when this has been achieved with the 2 most important values, the next value on the list can be concretised and implemented. Repeat the process with the final two values on the list.

You can find the danish version of the values cards here

NB! Delivery only in Denmark